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Private Dwelling House Kinsale Co Cork

This open  plan house enjoys a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. The client wished to have a dwelling house which would sit into the existing landscape.  

The Merits of an open plan 

1. It’s more sociable: it’s easier to chat to other family members compared to if one person is cooking in a kitchen and the others are in a separate living room.

2. There’s more of a sense of space. A dining table and chairs won’t take up much room within an open place area yet if a dining room is small, it can feel cramped.

3. Each area within the open plan space can be delineated from others so they have their own identities – this can be achieved with different flooring, different floor heights, a lower ceiling over a living area perhaps, wallpaper on the walls of the dining area or different lighting.

4. Lots of space if you are planning on hosting large parties or having a large number of friends over. People will all be within the one space and can mingle more easily than if in different rooms.

5. Open plan living makes it easier to keep an eye on young children, for example, when they are playing in the living area and you’re preparing a meal.

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