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Work with an Architect

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Whether you are planning a new commercial venture, developing a local amenity, or simply extending your home, a RIAI Registered Architect has the qualifications, vision, and experience to take you expertly through your building project.

A person must be registered to use the title ‘Architect’ in Ireland. All registered Architects in Ireland are listed on the RIAI Register

Reasons Why an Architect Should Design Your Project

O' Dea Architects, can provide initial consultancy on the following projects :-

1. Commercial Architecture.

As a licensed professional, a commercial architect may specialize in one type of building or design. Those architects, however, that are part of an architectural firm may work as part of a team managing a variety of types of projects. Being a commercial architect is typically expressed in contrast to a residential architect, and therefore, commercial architects typically focus on those structures other than single-family residences, like Shopping centres , business complexes, hospitals, schools, or museums.

2. New Builds , new dwelling house.

An architect is the only design professional, who through education at major universities, internships, comprehensive licensing examinations, decades of exhaustive experience, and ongoing continuing education, that has the training, abilities & vision to best design your residence and buildings and guide them through construction into becoming real, built facilities. You are licensed to copy this list of reasons why an architect should design your home in its entirety and pass it along to others, making no changes.

3. Extensions

If you feel your project is very simple and straightforward, and perhaps you’ve found that you don’t require planning permission, you might ask: do I need an architect at all? This is a very common dilemma for homeowners, particularly those doing modest kitchen extensions or interior alteration work on a budget. The short answer is no, not necessarily. HOWEVER, I definitely wouldn’t recommend skipping the design/drawing phase of the project completely. A good design professional can help you find the best solution for your brief; they will advise you on where to spend your budget and where to save; some will be able to guide you through planning, building regs, freeholder consent and party wall issues; they can even help you appoint a builder, get the right price and, if required, oversee the builder’s work.

You might want to start speaking to builders at the beginning of your project to get a rough idea of cost, and compile a shortlist for the detailed quote stage later on, but they won’t be able to produce accurate quotes without a decent set of drawings and specification. The design process is critical to the success of your project – not only will it result in you being happy with the end result, it will very likely save you time, money and headaches during the build. A good package of drawings and specification is a means to communicate with your builder. From these documents, you will be able to get accurate and like-for-like quotes, and they will ensure that you and your builder are on the same page, avoiding disputes and unexpected costs during the build.

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