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Can House Extensions really change my Life ?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

you live in your house and you believe that's it , I've got a living room Kitchen and Dining room , what more do I need , ..........Wrong your home can offer so much more .

Aspect Does our current design respond to optimal sunlight

Extensions are a cost effective way of enlarging your home and increasing its value.

Can improve the light distribution within your home.

Retractable living space

outdoor indoor space

Gardens that respond to your needs

Sustainable design

Reducing home heating bills

optimal insulation

Whether you have a bundle of joy on the way, a house filled with teenagers or simply want to create the perfect haven for relaxation, a home extension is ideal for enhancing living space. Not only are extensions a cost-effective alternative to moving, but they also add property value should you sell up in the future.

If you are considering building a home extension yet still not entirely convinced whether it is a better alternative to moving, then we are here to help! We understand that any construction work on your home is a significant investment, and you must be set on your decision before scheduling any work to commence. With this in mind, we have put together a guide answering the question, “are house extensions worth it?”

Clients always ask me these two following questions: -

  • Should I Move House Or Extend?

  • Are House Extensions Worth It?


Whether you are planning to put your property on the market or simply wish to future-proof your home, building a home extension is a fantastic way to add value. Increasing living space is undoubtedly going to boost your sale price, along with the amount that potential buyers are willing to deposit, which means that a home extension is likely to come alongside a significant return on investment. If you are hoping to calculate how much your chosen extension size will add to the value of your property, then the RIAI will provide you with a rough estimate per m2 for your particular area.

When considering building a conservatory to add value, it is vital to keep in mind that whether your property is appealing to potential buyers is hugely dependent on the quality of the build. A poorly designed extension filled with potential problems will most definitely not catch the eye of buyers. Instead of seeing a room filled with potential, they will see a host of repair and renovation fees on top of their house deposit. To ensure that you can reap the monetary benefits of a house extension, it is imperative only to trust qualified, reputable Architects. O' Dea Architects has many years of experience designing quality Extensions in Cork and surrounding areas, so clients can have peace of mind that their property couldn’t be in safer hands. O' Dea Architects will spend time drawing up bespoke architectural drawings.


As professional Architects , not only have we spent many years working with clients to build their dream home from scratch but also others who have unlocked the full potential of their existing property through renovations.

As house prices are continuing to increase and with over a year of pandemic restrictions in mind, moving to a new property and area has become less of a desirable option for many homeowners. Instead, many have opted to take advantage of their current space and alter their home to make it unique to their family. So if you are asking yourself “are house extensions worth it?”, here are just a handful of the excellent benefits:

  • 1. Adds Value To Your Home

  • 2. Alternative To Moving House

  • 3. Tailor The Design To Your Family Needs

  • 4. You Do Not Always Need Planning Permission

  • 5. Provides Additional Living Space


The beauty of a house extension is that, in most cases, you do not need to apply for planning permission in order to extend your property. The majority of extensions fall under ‘permitted development’, which are rights that you are given as a homeowner to make changes to your property without having to contact local authorities for permission.

Most property owners should never have a problem with regards to planning permission, aside from those who live in ‘designated areas’ (like architectural conservation areas and special areas of conservation). If you live in, for example, a National Park, World Heritage Site or Conservation Areas, then you may have difficulties gaining permission to begin construction work on your property. However, if you do not fall into the above categories, you can schedule a home extension providing that it meets the following criteria:

  • The extension does not take up more than half of the properties land.

  • The top of the extension does not exceed the highest part of the current roof.

  • The eaves of the extension are not higher than the existing properties eaves.

  • The extension does not make material alterations to the front and side elevation.

  • The extension does not have a microwave antenna such as a satellite dish.

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