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A NEW HOME (New Build)

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

What sets architects apart from other people who design homes is that they are licenced by the RIAI (Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland) . To become a registered Architect , an architect generally must earn a degree from an approved architectural program, complete an internship, and pass an exam. All of this ensures architects possess a high level of expertise about design, materials, and building systems.

Some of the top benefits of buying a new construction home include:

  • Low-Cost Maintenance.

  • The Convenience of Move-In Ready.

  • High-Rated Energy Efficiency.

  • Modern Floor Plans and Designs for How You Live.

  • A Home Designed to Fit Your style of living.

Did you know? Architects don’t just design buildings, they also supervise construction. This makes them an incredibly valuable asset when planning and executing a new home build project.

1. Architects enhance your project

Architects undergo rigorous training to become experts in creating outstanding designs for a given space. They are adept at understanding design plans that may have been created by a non-professional and bringing it to life. Essentially, they're able to translate your idea and make it a reality, whilst considering health and safety, durability and practicality.

2. Architects solve problems

Building projects often run into difficulties and can really throw you off your plan. This can even result in costly mistakes if you aren’t experienced in the industry. Architects understand the common pitfalls of a project and set out to help you avoid them. If any unforeseen issues arise, they can resolve them quickly, saving you a big headache.

3. Architects save costs

Granted, their fee is a cost, but in return for that spend they can advise where you can scale back on costs. They can also advise on what structural elements are worth spending on and where you can save. They work with you, striving to get you the best results for your budget.

4. Architects think creatively

Architects are able to work both practically and creatively. They take an impartial view of your project and focus on bringing it to life, finding ways to achieve your vision. These may be things you haven’t considered that will help to save costs or improve use of space.

5. Architects guide you through the process

As experts in their field, architects are familiar with all the parties involved in a construction project. They are used to dealing with builders, surveyors and trades people on a daily basis. This means they also know exactly who to speak to at each stage to keep your project on track.

6. Architects choose the right materials

The finish is incredibly important and it’s about choosing the right materials to give you that desired result. You may have ideas in mind from doing research, but they may not be the right material to work with your existing home. Your architect will ensure the materials work both practically and aesthetically.

7. Architects give peace of mind

Above all, an architect will give you the peace of mind you need when undertaking a personal project. They understand your needs and work to make this process as smooth as possible for you. Your architect will be there every step of the way so you aren’t burdened with stressful problems.

For more information on your home build project, get in touch with O' Dea Architects today. We have a team on hand who can help assist you with your new build or single storey or double storey extensions.

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